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We manufacture standard solutions for heating needs as well as custom solutions for those clients who cannot find a solution on the market that suits their needs.

Standard production:

  • oil burners (from 35 kW to 400 kW)
  • Pellet burners (Power range from 10 kW to 1000 kW)
  • Space heaters (from 30 kW to 250 kW)
  • Complementary products to before mentioned solutions

 Custom solutions:

  • Steel boilers (adapted to a fuel type as well as client’s needs and wants);
  • Space heaters;
  • Container-type: boiler houses; heat sinks, modular boiler houses;
  • oil burners (400+ kW);
  • Burner’s for non-standard fuel types.


We sell production manufactured by us and by other reputable companies and offer most important complementary products for those solutions.

We provide spare parts for all of the products we sell or have sold. 

For special requests and specific requirements concerning heating we help you find solutions that are in your best interest, but based on what you want to achieve.

* Prices for products offered on our web page are indicated without VAT.


We offer installation for different fuel type heating systems. Systems on natural gas, wood, oil, pellets, diesel, and most other fuels that can be burned safely.

Some examples of what we install and set up:

  • Different type boilers, space heaters and complementary equipment (for both industrial needs and residential buildings);
  • Pellet burners;
  • oil burners;
  • Diesel burners and boilers;
  • Natural gas burners;
  • Steam boilers and steam generators;
  • Biogas stations (together with our partners who specialize in this industry)