Black Steel Chimney Flue pipes

Black steel chimney flue pipes are mean to be used in following cases:

- Connecting a heating appliance (boiler, stove, etc.) with a chimney.

- Working as a stand alone flue pipe for a wood burning stove.

Cannot be used:

As other chimney pipes (inside interior walls, attic or outside a building).

Also prohibited to be installed  inside brickwork as a chimney lining system.

Technical description:

Thickness of the steel - 1,2 mm. 

Painted in black refractory paint,

Available diameters:  110 mm; 120 mm; 130 mm; 150 mm; 160 mm; 180 mm; 200 mm.

* Transitional sections / Adapters to an from specif diameters are available (also for custom and non standard diameters).

Chimney system is CE marked and has been certificated according with European standard EN 1856-2.

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