Automatic Pellet Burners GlitteR

GlitteR series burners are simple but modern burners with minimal maintenance and interaction-time requirements. Reliable and versatility-capable design, easy operation and a detached control panel make it a truly adaptable solution for your specific application.

GlitteR pellet burners are designed to heat residential, industrial and public buildings of various sizes and be used in a variety of applications where clean, efficient and easily-controllable heating is required.

Available outputs

We offer outputs up to 1 MW 


Burning Quality

  • Fast and efficient (automatic) ignition of pellets,
  • Precise dosing of fuel depending on the required power,
  • Automatic power output selection according to real heat consumption,
  • Smart combustion chamber design pared with high-performance fan that causes pellets to burn so strongly that they gas during firing, resulting in more efficiency, less ash and less emissions, 
  • Automatic blowing out of ashes after a firing cycle, which allows the right amount of air to reach all the necessary places, resulting in a more efficient firing process.
  • (Option) Additional blowing out of ashes with a compressed air, which helps maintain burner's efficiency and between maintenance cycles.


  • Backfire safety thermostat, 
  • Melting hose and bent pellet supply tube prevents fire penetration into the pellet auger and the pellet hopper
  • Control box separated from the burner head, thus eliminating the risk of heat damaging the electronic controls, 
  • Only one reinforced cable connecting the control panel and the burner, allowing for a freer environment around the appliance it is attached to and easier interaction with the burner. This increases the ease of use resulting in a higher burner and personal safety, 
  • Efficient combustion chamber cooling which reduces heating up of the burner's head. This prevents unnecessary heating up of the burner and the pellet supply tube when the boiler has to work against higher pressure in a boiler whether because of the boiler's design or the boiler is in need of maintenance.

 User Friendliness

  • Detailed information on burner's status, parameters and technical indicators on the control box,
  • Separate control box allows the burner to be controlled from the most convenient location around the boiler as it can be placed wherever it is most convenient and easy to use near the burner,
  • Nice and compact design that is pleasant and easy to handle,
  • Robust and very easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing faster and easier cleaning,
  • User interface with most European languages,
  • (Option) Wireless control through an app or internet.


  • The Burner is made of highest quality thermally resistant stainless steel, which makes the burner retain it's form and function even after many years of working,
  • The Burner's burning chamber is made of the highest quality chemically resistant stainless steel, which gives it a much longer life and greater efficiency,
  • Ceramic ignition with Teflon coating which not only allows for quicker ignition, but is much more durable than regular ceramic or metal ignition elements,
  • Almost no wearing parts, which leads to long repair intervals and savings. 
Pellet Burners GlitteR are modern burners that give you more freedom with your finances and give you back time because they are simple and easy to use while being reliable and efficient. 
Carefully thought-out solutions make these burners the first choice if you want the best combination of economy, quality, efficiency and reliability in pellet burning.

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