The Start

Our company was founded at a time when the cheap energy resources of the fallen soviet state were running out and people had an acute necessity to heat their uninsulated houses, halls and workshops. As used oil products were not a shortage in after soviet time but actually a burden to people and even more so to the environment. 

Therefore by staring to manufacture universal oil burners we solved two fundamental problems:

  • Used oil products were prevented from entering the environment because they became a valuable resource,
  • By using our burners and heaters our clients were able to have cheap and reliable and many a time even free heat because it was so freely available. 

A long time has passed. The legislation of our country and the opinions and values of people have changed. Still, many of our clients appreciate and still use the products that were made at the beginning years of our company. Sometimes it is still possible to buy those early day products on the internet and from our service companies and enjoy those nice moments when you can get heat for less.

The fact that people still use and buy the products that were made in those early days 15 or 20 years ago is a testament to our team’s experience, knowledge and quality in manufacturing, maintaining, and installing the heating systems that we produce.

Geographic locations

Through the years the range of products that we manufacture and offer has expanded as have the volume of manufacturing and the geographic locations where our clients are located. Today our products work and put people’s money back in their pockets in - Russia, Macedonia, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, England, Ireland, Norway, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, etc. and of course, in Latvia.

Right now our company


  • Universal oil burners (From 25 kW to 400 kW – standard order; From 400 kW to 1.5 MW and up – special order);
  • Burners for special liquid or burnable substances – (e.g. fuels that burn and are a waste or that are left after a particular manufacturing process);
  • Pellet burners – (Range from 3 kW to 800 kW – standard order; From 800 kW to 2 MW – special order);
  • Solid fuel and pellet boilers made from steel - Made based on specific requirements or according to the wishes of the client.
  • Solid fuel or liquid fuel air heater that need to be extra durable or extra long-lasting– Made based on specific requirements or wishes of the client;
  • Meat smokers with pellet burners – Made to specific requirements of the client.
  • Sea container boiler houses – For different fuels (from waste to gas) and for different boilers (from solid to steam boilers or generators)


  • Boiler houses for different fuel types;
  • Different heating systems;
  • Heat sinks;

  • Stainless steel chimneys – made to order
  • Service and repair and parts order for: 
            o   Pellet Burners – Px, Pellx and others;
            o   Oil and Diesel Burners;
            o   Gas boilers;
            o   Boilers, burners and heating systems of most popular EU brands.
  • Annual services and pre-season start-ups of heating systems
  • Complete heating systems for:

            o   Waste and Used Oil,

            o   Wood Pellets,

            o   Oil,

            o   Natural gas,

            o   Bio gas,

            o   Special fuels.


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