Universal Oil Burners Probus

Probus Universal Oil Burners are burners that burn different kinds of fuels starting from low quality fuels and waste oils up to high quality diesel or alcohol type fuels.

Probus burners are simple and efficient and require the least amount of interaction or maintenance, especially when burning low quality fuels. Reliability, ease of operation and efficiency in design make them easy to use, interact with and maintain in both industrial and residential setting.

Thanks to the design of the burners air to fuel mixture can be adjusted for each fuel type. This enables great mixture of combustion air and fuel. As a result the combustion process has high intensity and is very efficient. As a result constant interaction is not required and intervals between maintenance are much longer (even when burning low quality fuels). 

They are characterized by their reliability which comes from the use of high quality materials combined with proven and perfected design over the years.

Why choose these burners?

You will get heat from easily accessible, cheaper and sometimes burdensome liquids;

Simple and Easy to use;

The most efficient way to burn waste oils;

Allows heating to no longer be a liability or a burden;

Very reliable;

Cleanest way of burning waste oils;

These burners give you the most efficiency, versatility and time freedom when burning low quality fuels if compared to other options of burning waste fuels.

Places of application

Probus Universal Oil Burners are designed to be easily attached and work with liquid or solid fuel boilers or air heaters

Therefore they can be used to heat residential buildings, garages, workshops, public and industrial buildings of different sizes as well as be used in different type of industrial applications (where liquid fuel can be used). 

Fuels that can be used

  • Motor Oil; 
  • Transmission fluids; 
  • Cooking oil; 
  • Waste oil; 
  • Diesel;
  • Fuel oil;
  • Unclean or Thick diesel; 
  • Different types of Vegetable Oils; 
  • Different Alcohol type liquids; 
  • Palm oil, etc. (all liquid and burning fuels and their mixtures*).

*Heavily acidic fuels and fuel mixtures (like battery liquids) are not suggested as they can damage the heat exchangers of boilers and heaters. 

Some rare and very specific liquids might need adjustments to burner's construction. In case you think you might have such a fuel contact us for more information.

What you get?:

  • More freedom with your finances – by giving you the possibility to reduce or completely eliminate the costs for heating fuel
  • Outstanding return on investment
  • Possibility to make use of valuable energy that is easily available
  • More room - when compared how much solid fuels which take up to twice the space or even more.
  • Possibility to save energy compared to other similar burners with the same or lower output
  • Possibility to have a low noise pollution in the room the burner is working
  • Peace of mind – in terms of heating costs as one less thing to dread about and in terms of working quality, reliability and little and easy maintenance. 

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