Single-wall Stainless-steel flue pipes

These single-wall flue pipes are made of high quality 316L (acid-resistant) stainless steel with a wall thickness of 0.6mm. Longitudinal joints are plasma welded.

Resistant to condensation. As thin-walled stainless steel flue liner heats up quicker than regular steel, its temperature exceeds the condensation point quicker reducing condensation and improving draft.

Even and smooth walls of the chimney pipes assure a high draft  removing thus a part of non-condensed steam is as well. These liners are used for emission of combustion products from appliances (boilers, heaters, stoves, etc.).

These pipes can also be used for lining brick chimneys for gas, oil, solid or multi-fuel appliances or used for open fire appliances as an alternative to flexible liner.

Chimney system is CE marked and has been certificated according to European standard EN 1856-2

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