Double-wall Insulated Chimney Flue Pipes

Double wall insulated flue liners can be used for gas, oil, wood and multi-fuel furnaces as well as open fire appliances. 

Suitable to be used in private houses as well as in commercial buildings for industrial needs.

Inside diameter range: from 100 mm to 500 mm.

Double wall insulated chimney flue liners consist of two pipes of different diameters (internal and external). The longitudinal connection of these pipes are welded by plasma. The inner tube is made of acid-resistant stainless steel – AISI 316. 

For insulation, mineral wool boards (also called "rockwool") are used. ("Wired Mat 80"; Thickness - 50 mm).

Chimneys are CE marked and meet EU standard EN 1856-1.

Technical description

Inside tube material:         AISI 316, 6 mm (stainless-steel)

Outside tube material:     AISI 304, 6 mm (stainless-steel)

Seam:                                  Welded (Tig / Plasma)

Insulation thickness:         50 mm (“rockwool”)

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