Heating system repair and new system montage

The considerable experience of our workers lets us find and prevent problems in existing systems, install new parts or upgrade the existing system design in order to improve system performance or working characteristics.

For building heating systems we acquire parts made by manufacturers with good reputation, and mostly of European origin.

For many years we have built both solid fuel and liquid fuel heating systems. Both full systems or parts of the systems.

The heating systems we build range from couple of kW of output power to couple of MW. From residential buildings to multi story building, to industrial sites and manufacturing plants.

We also make movable boiler houses or parts of heating systems.  They are installed into sea-containers according to the requirements of the system, the environmental conditions the system will be used in and the conditions of the location the system will be used in while at the same time taking into account the needs of the client.

Burner and boiler service

We offer on-demand general or emergency service for:

  • Burners

  • Boilers 

  • Heating systems

Note: We provide service to all products and systems we have installed or manufactured. 

! For systems and parts of systems that we have no capacity to fix or improve we will refuse our services.

! Beware that during active heating season we might not be able to provide general maintenance service in a couple of days. Therefore we suggest general services to be carried out during summer months. 

Scheduled services:

Our service center makes a contract with those clients who need or want periodic or regular maintenance for burners, boiler rooms and heating substations for the period of heating season.

Services offered:

  • Cleaning;

  • General maintenance and check-up;

  • Pre-season start-up and check-up;

  • Regulation;

  • other