Manual Liquid fuel Heaters

Manual heaters are an efficient, clean combustion air heaters are the perfect solution for using waste oil or diesel (and other fuels) for heating in a simple and reliable and not in a capital intensive way. These heaters operate with the use of most engine oils; mineral or synthetic oils and gear or hydraulic fluids.

These manual heaters offer the simplest way of getting heat from the before mentioned fuels while also being safe to operate without supervision.

If you are looking for the best combination of simplicity, safety and minimal investment to get heat from the fuels mentioned, you should start your search here:

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Fuels suitable for these heaters: 

  • Engine oils, 
  • Mineral or synthetic oils
  • Gear oils
  • Hydraulic fluids,
  • Vegetable oils,
  • Combinations of the aforementioned fuels,
  • Other,

Best places for installation:
  • Garages, 
  • Workshops, 
  • Storage Rooms and 
  • Places where a quick and simple, reliable and safe solution for air heating is required.


Manual heaters are designed in such a way that they are easy and quick to be installed wherever needed. They are easy to operate with because only basic tasks are required. Also they are easy to interact with because the controls and status notifications are simple and easily understood but the construction of the heaters is robust and safe.

Main controls

Start button - To start the working process
Stop button - To stop the burning process
Power output regulator knob - to adjust the desired output
Fuel type switch - Diesel or Universal oil (only for some models)

The biggest advantages:

  • Possibility to reduce or completely eliminate costs for heating fuel
  • Very good return on the investment
  • Ability to conserve valuable energy
  • Can be used whenever needed or not used whenever not needed without any hustle - heating system preparation for cold weather, water draining, etc.
  • Much less interaction needed than with conventional solid fuel boilers or air heaters.
  • Linear heat source.